Father’s Day • Tennis 10sBalls In London At The Queens Club

Tennis 10sBalls • The Free 10s Whenever Newsletter Returns • #1588

Lovey Jergens’ Journal June


It’s Father’s Day in The U.S.  Happy Father’s Day Ron and all the other great tennis Dads out there.


Big congrats to the newest tennis Daddy • Serbian Legend and coach Dusan Vemic is on paternity leave. Yup, he is the proud Papa of a newborn son that he had with his gorgeous and multi talented wife. So now the proud new Father has his own future star tennis player. We’ve seen the little guy. He is awesome bundle of joy.

The team at 10sBalls has arrived in London. Nothing can keep us from Queens. Yes, Pops it was a good call to spend it at Queens Cub. Our Dear colleague April will be there to make us all laugh and feel welcome at her club. She is a great hostess.The club has the world’s best Grass and the world’s best pitcher of Pimm’s. What a combo.

We want to close saying. Pay attention to international tennis. Lots of dirty tricks being played.

Haggerty” is serving standing on the line. Giving new meaning to a footfault….


Dave Miley is the best MAN for the job. Look on his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


Tennis needs transparency. The ticket prices are insane. The sponsors are supposed to pay the prize money or for “site improvements”… But nope…  It’s the fan stuck with extreme ticket prices. The one percent of the one percent of the world can maybe afford. Shame on the greedy turkeys in tennis. You all know who you are.

Bottom line • “Emperor New Clothes.” The sports a mess. Can’t everyone see the empty seats?

If you build it they will come? New tennis stadiums are generally too large. Way too large.

The Queens club is the biggest one should be.


We Will be sending daily from Wimbledon. Yes, we are here for the duration. And Ricky we have your Lucky Charms. And Alix we have your wishes covered. You too Stef Bojic.

Okay. So when we came up with the name tennis whenever newsletter. We all laughed and said great. No deadlines. We will just send out as they happen. So we sent out awesome photo galleries. Awesome stories by Alix Ramsay. We always tried to make them fun. They were hugely successful. Then boom. Crash. Doublefault. Foot fault. And our newsletter company bailed and dropped The Ball. Hence months have gone by. No. We didn’t compromise our list. Our email addresses are safe.  We just shut down to re organize. We are re organized. Mori got off the bench. Alejandro is ready. And so are we. So we are back!
The team at Queens is seeing the most amazing grass. The set up is fantastic. We love Queens. The qualies are free and open to the public. Now that’s amazing. Great for all. And Fever-Tree we love you. You support our fave tennis tourney and we drink your mixers daily. Just like The Queens Club you are in a league of your own.

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